How long does it take for the Sterilaser™ to kill bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses?
With the massive dose of germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) light the Sterilaser™delivers, in less than a quarter of a second it has ​done its job. At a normal walking pace, it will have killed over 99.7% of all pathogens in its path.

 Is ultraviolet light safe?
Absolutely! Germicidal ultraviolet light is an accepted, safe and reliable way to kill unseen organisms, including
the take worms, bacteria, germs and viruses that live and thrive in schools. Hospitals have safely employed
germicidal UV light to sterilize their operating rooms and surgical instruments, and many municipalities employ
UV light to sterilize their water.

If we still have to mop to clean the dirt, how does the Sterilaser™  make our lives any easier?
Many people simply go over their mats with a mop that has been moisten with disinfecting chemicals and assume
​they have protected ​their athletes. In truth, they have done virtually nothing in the way killing pathogens.

Quoted directly from the instruction sheet from one of the most popular chemical tablets, here is what you must do

with chemicals for them to work :

From page 1:
• Apply solution with cloth, mop, sponge, brush, scrubber, coarse spray device or by soaking, so as to wet all surfaces thoroughly. 
• Allow to remain wet for at least 10 minutes. 
• Remove solution and entrapped soil with a clean, wet mop, cloth or wet vacuum pick-up. 
• For heavily soiled areas, a pre-cleaning step is required.

And from page 3:
• Pesticide wastes are acutely hazardous. Improper disposal of excess pesticide, spray mixture, or incinerate is a violation of Federal Law.

That means you need to mop or spray the chemical on, keep the mat soaked for at least 10 minutes, then mop it off with a different clean mop. All that takes about 45 minutes and again, if you have not followed all these steps, you have not killed the pathogens. Then when you're done, you're supposed to pour whatever chemical you have left into a 55-gallon drum and have that disposed of properly when it's full.

With the Sterilaser™, all you do a run over the mat with a large floor dust mop, then pull the Sterilaser over the mat. That takes about 5 minutes and you have literally sterilized the mat.

It is true that if the mat is heavily soiled you may need to do a pre-clean, but chemicals require that as well.

So when it comes to protecting your athlete, the Sterilaser™ is infinitely easier and faster than chemicals, while at the same time, the Sterilaser™ is even more effective.

Can using the Sterilaser™ harm my athletes? 
We've designed the Sterilaser™ with safe operation and maintenance in mind. Use as directed and dust mites, tape worms, viruses, mold and bacteria will be the only things harmed.Type your paragraph here.